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DOG 101

Welcome to the Dog 101

Whether you're a dog owner or just a dog lover, this section of the site will provide you with tons of great information on a wide variety of dog-related topics. You'll find quick tips and informative articles on Dog Breeds, Training & Behavior, Grooming, Health & Nutrition, and Activities & Fun.

Becoming a Dog Owner

If you have lots of love to give, choosing to adopt a dog and sharing your life with him is a wonderful thing. But owning a dog also takes a lot of hard work and dedication, and some sacrifice. Before you bring home a new pet, educate yourself on the basic things that dogs require and decide whether adopting a dog is the right choice for you. Dogs, even small ones, need space—space to play, grow, exercise, and be alone when they want.All healthy puppies are playful, active, and full of energy. Puppies do grow up, however, and each breed will have certain exercise requirements that must be met for its physical and mental well-being. 

Training & Behavior

Training your dog will be a huge part of your interaction with him for the first few months. Take the time to really get to know your pet while training him. Training is not cruel and unusual punishment. It actually enhances the relationship with your dog and enriches the bond you establish with him throughout the years.Training takes practice, and the more time and effort you put into the process, the more you will get out of it.Your dog will respond to your direction if you make it fun. Begin teaching your dog good manners a few days after he’s had a chance to settle into the household. Keep your training lessons short—about 10 to 15 minutes at each session. Say a cue word, like “sit” or “down,” only once. Dogs are smart, so they hear your command and can follow it the first time. Repeating the cue word multiple times doesn’t help your pup sharpen his listening skills, and like a teenager, he’ll tune you out. Schedule your training session before your dog’s regular meal. This way he may pay closer attention to the instructions so that he can earn a tasty bite. Don’t train your puppy when he’s hot, tired, or in the middle of vigorous playtime. You want him energetic and eager for a training session.If you ever become frustrated with your puppy, don’t get angry with him. Just quietly end the session and try again later in the day, they become nervous and will stop paying attention to their trainers if they are yelled at. Stay calm and relaxed so that your puppy will learn in a positive environment.




Making sure every part of his body is kempt is very important. The five general categories of dog hair types are the following: Smooth Coat, Medium Coat, Long Coat, Wire Hair/Broken Coat, and Wavy Coat. Bathing is a huge part of keeping your dog clean and healthy. While making sure your dog gets a good brushing and bath on a regular basis is essential, there are also other necessary components to keeping your dog groomed, and not all of them are connected to how he looks or smells. In some ways, grooming is directly related to health. All dog owners want their dog to have a clean, shiny coat, and they want him to smell fresh, but they also want him to be free from disease and other medical problems. Hearing your dog’s nails clicking on the floor is a good sign that it’s time for a clip. Your dog's eyes should be cleaned on a regular basis, as dogs are susceptible to many of the same eye conditions that are common in humans, including styes, allergies, and infections. Dogs with a lot of hair, such as poodles, tend to accumulate some hair growth in the ear canal that must be removed on a regular basis, preferably about once a week. Ear powder helps to stiffen the hair, which makes it easy to pull out. All dogs, short-haired, long-haired, or somewhere in between, should have their ears cleaned regularly with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. 


Health & Nutrition


Dogs have certain health and nutritional needs. Some of these needs require the assistance of a veterinarian, but some can be taken care of by any dog owner armed with some information. While every dog is vulnerable to different health problems throughout his life, there are some that are more common than others. There are also some conditions that are more commonly found in senior dogs. Learn more about these health issues and how to make your pet's sunset years as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. To make sure, separate a patch of his fur so you can see his skin. If you notice a lot of tiny black specs (flea excrement), your dog most likely has fleas. The flea allergy is the most common type. It isn’t an allergy to actual fleas but to a protein in flea saliva that is left in the skin after a flea bite. Severe reactions to this allergy can really depress your dog. Inhalant allergies are the second most common type of allergy in dogs. They occur when a dog breathes in certain allergens, such as pollen, tobacco smoke, or mold spores. Dogs are often allergic to the same foods that humans are allergic to, such as soy, milk, eggs, wheat, or corn. Usually a dog’s reaction to a food allergy is itchy, irritated skin, but some may respond with vomiting or diarrhea. It may take some time and effort to figure out exactly what your dog is allergic to, but once you know, it shouldn’t be too difficult to adjust his diet. 


Activities & Fun


Dogs are often referred to as "faithful companions," and the description is quite accurate. Most dogs will happily accompany their owner anywhere and love to participate in any activity that involves their owner. Learn more about different dog activities and choose some that you and your dog can enjoy together. Dogs love to play with their owners, and most dogs will really enjoy a good game of hide-and-seek.

Maybe you're looking for something you and your dog can do together that's a little more organized and perhaps a bit more competitive. There are a variety of organized activities that you and your dog can participate in together, including the following: 
  • Agility
  • Dancing with Dogs
  • Dog Shows
  • Flyball
  • Flying Disc
  • Obedience
  • Tracking



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